Little jars

Simple Storage!

So for years I was that guy that threw any leftover part from a “self-assembly” required project into the junk draw only to later need said part! Of course finding it was another project in itself!  Simple solution. Plastic baggies! You know the zip-loc kind! What makes these great is they come in various sizes, you can see whats inside and you can write on them! So looking for that random part, screw, hex nut wrench or whatever is now somewhat hassle free. Remembering which draw or part of my workshop I put them in is my downfall now!

Here’s a pic of the junk draw:

Junk DrawThe stuff inside:


Now, nuts, bolts nails, screws, etc. in the shop I like to use baby food jars! It’s also recycling! Yes I have kids so it makes them more accessible, but if you don’t, ask a friend that does to set them aside for you! These also come in various sizes too!

Baby jar storageAny clear jar will work. My Gramp had all kinds all over his basement workshop. He used large peanut butter jars and smaller jars too. I need to find a pic to show everyone, but he had screwed all the lids into the joists overhead and just screwed on the jar! Just twist and the jar comes off! There was no fumbling around looking for the right jar. Just look up!

These here are actually some of his here:

Little jarsOf course there are larger screws and nails. Old whipped cream tubs make good storage for these.

Hopefully these ideas come in handy for you and help with organization and headaches from not being able to find that elusive part, wrench, nut bot, screw or whatever!