For four years I’ve been using our house as my experimental DIY project to my wife’s dismay! Someday she may learn to love it as much as I do!!

I like talking tools, projects, tricks and anything that can help make a DIY or woodworking project go a little smoother. Being in the shop is great therapy but generally there is no one to talk to at ten o’clock at night! So Cool Tool Shed was born!
So let’s talk tools, projects, tricks or just about anything else!

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This website is dedicated to George L. Boucher, grandfather, great-grandfather, dad, handyman and general “putterer arounder”! If he wasn’t in his shop he was making sure the “The Boss”, (beloved wife Dorothy Boucher), was well taken care of!

We all miss you Gramp!

September 19th, 1921 –

February 5th, 2011



  • I know this man, he was one of my parents good friend as well as his wife. Our families spent a lot of time together. He loved to work with his hands.
    Just seeing this page brings back so many memories, too many to list. Love this web site. I bet that they are still great friends up in heaven.
    thanks sincerely
    Carolyn Brown Rash
    Tyler, Texas

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