Book Shelf Project

So here is a book shelf project I did a couple of years ago. I actually did them in a couple of stages. These were constructed out of pre-fabbed pine shorts glued together I purchased at Home Depot, ply-wood, 1 x 2’s, 1 x 3’s and a simple chair rail for the crown.

The sides and shelves were constructed out of the pre-fabbed pine shorts and I boxed in the back with ply-wood. This was actually all I did for about a year and didn’t like the way they looked big and thin. So 6 months ago I added the 1 x 2  and 1 x 3 face trim and chair rail crown to give them a bulkier look.

I wish I would have done this all at once but they were done first to finish the room before Christmas and I ran out of time. Adding the detail last year really finished them off but doing it all at once I would have been able to give them that “polished” professional look.

Pine Book Shelf Right Side
Pine Book Shelf Left Side

Still, the wife is happy, and way cheaper then buying bookshelves and we got the look we wanted!